Headmana��s wife caught pants down. . . Hubby demands 10 beasts

Cattle-Cntr-Holistic-MngmntDanisa Masuku
A headman from Mphakama area in Nkayi under Chief Sikobokobo in Matabeleland North is demanding ten beasts after allegedly catching his wife in a compromising position with a neighbour in the bush last Tuesday. The incident which has become a subject of discussion in the community occurred at about 8pmA� whenA� the headmana��s wife Sithuli Mafu was allegedly caught with a neighbour.

Contacted for comment, the headman Mphokwakhe Ndlovu told B-Metro that on the fateful day his 26-year-old wife, whom she customarily married in March 2012 after the death of his first wife of 20 years, said she had a running tummy and quickly dashed to the bush.

Ndlovu said he got worried after realising that Mafu had been gone for more than 30 minutes and then followed her.
a�?I had to follow her. I was suspecting that she had developed a serious running tummy. Earlier on she went to relieve herself and ended up having serious complications and we had to carry her home,a�? he said.

However, all hell broke loose when he got near the scene where the two alleged love birds were having a nice time.
a�?When I got near the bush where she was I called out but there was no response. When l switched on the torch I got the shock of my life when I saw my wife trying to put on her under garments while our neighbour was zipping up his trousers.

a�?There was a used condom on the ground. I believe they have been meeting for some time. She is always saying she has a running tummy and leaves for some time to the bush. But the funny part is that she used to leave in the evening,a�? said Ndlovu.

It is alleged the headman gave the man a thorough hiding but eventually he managed to break free and took to his heels.
Seeing that she was between a hard place and a rock, the woman begged forA� mercy but the headman would have none of it. However, after the intervention of his in-laws, the headman forgave her. To maintain his dignity Ndlovu is demanding 10 cattle as compensation.

a�?My wife apologised and explained that she was hoodwinked into illicit love by this man. I have forgiven my wife. But I want 10 cattle as compensation from him. What he did is a sign of disrespect and I feel I have been demeaned,a�? said Ndlovu.

Contacted for comment Mafu did not deny the allegations and said: a�?I cannot comment on that, but talk to baba. He is the responsible person to talk to. I cannot comment any further.a�?
Efforts to get a comment from the accused neighbour were fruitless. serp,5176.1.