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He must put it on, not you

WONDERING why married men like to take off their rings while their partners take them with them to the graves?

It seems the ring is more important to women than men and there are many assumptions on why this is the case. It is unfortunate that it has always been taken for granted that women desperately need a ring because they live in a world of competition.

Though that can be true to a certain extent, rings mean a lot. Ring signifies never-ending and immortal love. It boggles the mind why then someone would choose to take off his/ her ring while the other partner wears it.

A ring also tells people that you are taken and you are no longer on the market without you saying a word. If you happen to meet your high school sweetheart whom you last met a long time ago, you will realise that he checks on your fingers and he feels settled when he does not see a ring on your finger.

Sisters, all I am saying is that when you are married, it is wise not to let your man take off or stop wearing the ring.

Our younger sisters have been impregnated by married men and when you ask her why she dated a married man, she will tell you that she was not aware as never saw the ring. For some, they turn down the proposal after realising the ring on the finger which alerts them that the man is married. Make sure he puts on the ring so that he behaves or whoever takes the risk with him will be fully aware of his status.

Rings are a circle and that is a symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end!

Remember that many couples invest large amounts of time in the selection of rings and thereafter someone decides to throw them away. Even the cost of wedding rings suggests they have real meaning to couples and are meant to stay on the finger for ever.

The book Beginning Your Marriage, speaks about wedding rings as a symbol. It is says that the bride and groom usually exchange rings in the shape of a circle, symbolising that they hope that their love will be without end.

Explaining what a wedding ring symbolises might pose a challenge, but here are few reasons for making sure that your partner wears the wedding ring forever.

Wearing of wedding rings is a moment of revelation.  A wedding ring’s significance probably would be found in the message it conveys that a person already is married and committed to one particular person. That message is true enough.

The assumption is that by wearing a wedding ring, people acknowledge their marital commitment publicly and in a continual way! Sisters, this means that you have to think deeply if your man is not wearing his ring.

Remember the day when you exchanged vows and it was a touching moment when you said, “Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.”

This shows that the ring is given as a sign of the love and fidelity of the one who gives it! The ring that you wear, that was placed on your finger by your spouse on your wedding day, does not represent your commitment to your marriage, your love for your spouse, your faithfulness.  It represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of your spouse to you.

The moment of the marriage is the exchange of consent and the speaking of the vows. The ring is a symbol of the union that will have already taken place. The ring will be a reminder of the promise that another has made to you and of the promise that God has made to you both.

Sisters, then you do not have to take the issue of your partners taking off their rings for granted. It means a lot! Rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is said there is a vein that runs from it directly to the heart.

After having said all these things, I have to remind women not to buy rings for themselves. Let him buy it for you and that is when it signifies everlasting love.

If you buy it yourself, then there is no promise, you just living in dreamland!

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