Have I found the right one?

aurochem viagra review. Mpilo Mathuthu – Last week I touched on the issue of how relationships affect our spiritual life and some of the reasons why young people should by all means avoid getting into relationships when they know they cannot take the relationships further than just dating.

The focus point this week is on how does one tell ita��s the right time and how will you know ita��s the right person. I have often seen people argue when it comes to the issue of dating and they always put forth the argument that in order for one to get to marriage they have to go through a couple of relationships before they get to their main one. The idea pushed is that dating is a learning process where you get to learn about your partner and all that but one person once said to me that it is almost impossible to actually know the next person fully as a human being hardly knows himself and takes each and everyday to learn more about himself. This therefore becomes the reason why you get surprised when your partner does certain things and you think this is not the person I met yet ita��s the same person but they are in the process of learning themselves better just like everyone else.

Knowing someone is not an easy thing and its therefore hard to actually guarantee that this is the right person but I will however try to put it across the right way. Young people have a tendency of settling for less than their priority state that is why they end up having heartaches yet it was always known to them that they got into a relationship that they are not ready for and not in a space to manage.

Young people have the idea of that relationships are a trial and error whereas relationships should be more worthy than we make them. We should add value to our lives such that we dona��t just accept people on the capacity of being a partner without considering whether they are at that stage of giving over their individual decision making to the relationship. I have always said to young ladies being in a relationship eventually forces you to act as a wife and therefore as the bible says automatically you submit meaning that getting into a relationship is handing over your power to the partner which gives it a business like approach.

The question on the right person has always worried me because even spiritual young people who have always said God reveals things to them ask about it. The first question you should ask yourself before asking if this person is right for you is are you the right person for him/her or you just want the good yet you are not. I once said to one young man of God if God can reveal all the spiritual things that you prophesy and all the prosperous things why cana��t he give you a simple sign of the right person.

In Genesis 24:14 Abrahama��s servant asked for a sign from God to show him who was meant to be Isaaca��s rightful wife and God responded. I therefore encourage young people to consult God when it comes to issues of relationships. Let us remember that the relationships we get into will either add to our lives socially, economically and spiritually therefore let us be careful on the selection of who we allow into our lives.

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