Misheck Nyoni

Hare on my stoep

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
IN a strange encounter, a man from Sigola area in Matabeleland South reportedly got paralysed after seeing a hare by his doorstep.

The unexpected visitor came by night and knocked at Misheck Nyoni’s (PICTURED ABOVE) bedroom door.

Upon opening the door and meeting the strange creature, his whole body became weak and dysfunctional.

It is reported that Misheck Nyoni from Maqaqeni Village under chief Sigola was sleeping in his bedroom when he heard the knock.

Nyoni opened the door thinking that it was his grandson whom he had ordered to bring his phone when fully charged.

However, it was a different story as he was greeted by a hare standing on its hind legs.

Narrating his ordeal, Nyoni said he suspected the hare was sent by witches as it affected his health.

“Since the night I opened the door for the hare, I have been ill. My body is not working properly and I have since resorted to tubes when passing urine. I have consulted various medical experts, but my health has not improved.

“I had sleepless nights as the bizarre creature would come at my door every night and knock. I was living in fear and already waiting for my death day as I thought that one day it will gain entry and squeeze life out of me. Ever since I was born I have never been this terrified,” he said.

Nyoni said he was relieved after witch hunters found the irksome hare that pestered him.

Village head Shadreck Gumede confirmed the incident.

“Nyoni once approached me citing that he had a problem in his homestead. I didn’t know how to help him by then. I hope the cleansing has solved his problem,” he said.