Onisimo Mazvi 1

Hard-working farmer defies all odds

Hazel Marimbiza
YOU reap what you sow, so goes a saying that has put a Gokwe man, on a warpath with villagers who accuse him of practising witchcraft because every year he reaps 20 times more than an average villager.

Onisimo Mazvi from Mtanga village under Chief  Sai last year earned enemies after harvesting 20 bales of cotton, five bags of roundnuts (indlubu), two tonnes of maize and sunflower as well as one bale of peanuts at a time when there was a severe drought in the whole region.

Villagers who spoke to B-Metro on condition of anonymity blamed their low yields on Mazvi but said they feared confronting him because of his big frame.

Petros Mazvi, who is Onisimo’s brother, said he had heard people accusing his brother of witchcraft.

“They always talk behind his back blaming their misfortunes on him. It’s all jealousy I think,” he said.

Asked about the allegations, Onesimo Mazvi just kept a cool head and explained that his relative success was because of his work ethic.

“I do not practise witchcraft it’s just that I am not lazy when it comes to farming. I was allocated a piece of land with the same soil quality and size just like my neighbours. Last year I produced maize which filled about 21 donkey carts while others only produced maize which could only fill one donkey cart,” said Mazvi.

Mazvi said he woke up in the early hours of the morning to go and plough in the fields alone while his neighbours enjoyed their sleep.

“I go to the fields at around 3am and I do most of the work alone. My wife and my two children usually join me later on during the day that is if they are not busy.

“My focus is on producing good harvests so that my family does not starve. My whole life I have known farming to be the only job that can make me survive so I enjoy working in the fields,” said Mazvi.

  • Nhamo Yousavi

    Good on you dhala. Thankfully you’re blessed with that big frame so those lazy layabout haters can only do just that. Hate.