• . . . Police fail to exume body
    • . . . Family guards grave for 3 week
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Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A BINGA family whose neighbours decided to bury a child on their doorstep accusing them of bewitching him are living in a dilemma as efforts by police to exhume the body were fruitless and the grave on the doorstep has clocked three weeks.
Eleven children from the Chisenga family frightened by having to jump the grave whenever they want to get into the house have opted to stay in the bush.
Peter Chisenga revealed that his family is still shocked by what transpired because in his whole life he has never heard of such a scenario, but as a man he is forced to act strong.
a�?We have lived with the grave for three weeks now and all my children and grandchildren ran away as they could not live at the homestead seeing the grave everyday.
a�?The Muntali family are not just our neighbours, we are related. I wonder why they suspect that I am the one who bewitched their son. The boy was ill for three years,a�? said the visibly disturbed Chisenga.
He revealed that the Muntali family brought their son to his homestead when he was seriously ill ordering him to free him as he was the one who had bewitched him.
After they had left the now deceased at his homestead, he died and they came the following day to bury him at his doorstep.
a�?I reported the matter to the police and Chief Siabuwa. We went to the chiefa��s court and the boya��s father said the reason they had decided to bury him at my homestead is because the boy had a dream whereby he was shown that I was the one behind his illness.
a�?Chief Siabuwa dismissed his claims saying dreams are dreams and there is no way people can believe dreams and therefore they were ordered to exhume the corpse on the following day.
a�?The police and Chief Siabuwa came to my homestead as they wanted the corpse to be exhumed in their presence, but the Muntali family never turned up,a�? said Chisenga.
He said that they have been a�?guardinga�? the grave for three weeks and all his children have deserted the homestead.
a�?We do not know what will happen, but as for now since the issue was reported to the chief and the police we want to give them time and see what they are going to do.
a�?Having a strangera��s grave at your homestead is not an easy thing and it seems there is a prophet who advised the Muntali family to act this way.
a�?He later came to me demanding six cattle saying I should give him if I wanted them to take away the corpse.
a�?I refused to pay because I know my hands are clean,a�? said Chisenga.
Efforts to get a comment from the boya��s father Muntali were fruitless as he was said to have gone to Binga centre.