Smephi Dube 1

Granny in human blood harvesting storm

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IT sounds like a fairy-tale which most would pass for a creative, fictitious and surreal account of supernatural experiences, not to be taken literally.

But this is a true story of a woman from Hope Fountain on the outskirts of Bulawayo who is caught up in a witchcraft storm after a bottle full of suspected human blood was allegedly found hidden in a wardrobe during a family cleansing ceremony.

The woman, Smephi Dubea��s (ABOVE)A� alleged dark secrets came to light after a fall-out with her daughter-in-law Sibangani Sibanda who reportedly hired a prophet from Binga to cleanse the family after her three-year-old sona��s a�?suspiciousa�? illness.

It is reported that Sibandaa��s son hardly slept at night as he was mumbling incoherently and at times hallucinating saying his dead father was calling him.

The childa��s father, Melusi Muzobe, reportedly died in May last year.

It is also reported that the child cried saying he was being troubled by an elderly woman as she was forcing him to drink blood.

So tense is the situation that Sibanda, a teacher at a secondary school in Plumtree, no longer exchanges a word with her mother-in-law as she accuses her of a�?bewitchinga�? her son.

Speaking to B-Metro from her base in Plumtree, Sibanda said sheA� was living in fear after a bottle full of blood said to be of a human being was found concealed in her mother-in lawa��s wardrobe.

a�?It is true that a prophet whom we had hired to pray for my son after he mysteriously fell sick found a bottle with blood hidden in a wardrobe in my mother-in-lawa��s bedroom. The prophet said the blood was of a human being and that she was also behind my childa��s illness.

a�?The prophet had been invited for a cleansing at our homestead because during the night my child was always waking up saying he was seeing his late father talking to him and an elderly woman forcing him to drink blood. At the moment I cana��t say much since the matter is before the family elders,a�? she said.

When B-Metro visited Gogo MaDube in Hope Fountain, she confirmed the strange incident and frightening discovery. She was, however, quick to say she didna��t know how that bottle with blood got into her wardrobe.

a�?What you heard is true. From the look of things dirty fingers are being pointed at me as the one who is responsible for my grandsona��s illness. For sure a bottle full of blood which a prophet said was of a human being was found in my wardrobe, but I am not responsible for that.

a�?The prophet was even hired without my knowledge and I was surprised when my daughter-in-law introduced me to the prophet saying he had come to assist us. I questioned her why she hired a prophet to conduct a cleansing ceremony at my homestead without my knowledge.

a�?For the sake of the child who was not feeling well, I later allowed the prophet to conduct the cleansing and he found that bottle with blood in my wardrobe.

a�?Of course it was purely blood, but I am suspecting foul play by the prophet. From that day I am no longer on talking terms with my daughter-in-law who is now accusing me of practising witchcraft. I am pained that all these accusations started after the death of my son (Melusi Muzobe),a�? said Gogo MaDube.

Headman Abedinico Sibanda said he was not at liberty to comment on the matter as it had not yet come to his attention.

a�?At the moment though I heard about it, I am not at liberty to comment since it has not yet officially come to my attention. To me for now ita��s just hearsay,a�? he said.