Grade Five teacher adjourns lesson to rape pupil

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A Grade Five teacher at a primary school in Nyamandlovu in Matabeleland North Province reportedly adjourned lessons and instructed pupils to go to the playground so that he could allegedly rape one of the pupils.After allegedly forcing himself on the pupil (name withheld), the teacher, Bonfas Ndlovu from Zimdabule Village, in a bid to cover up for the act, reportedly used a chalk duster to wipe semen which was dripping from the girla��s privates.

Circumstances to the forced classroom sex romp are that Ndlovu hatched a plan to allegedly rape one of his pupils whom he ordered to remain behind while asking others to leave the classroom.

It is alleged that after the other pupils had left the classroom, he dragged the victim to a corner where he caressed her before removing her uniform and undergarment.

After undressing her, Ndlovu allegedly sexually abused the girl once and threatened her with death if she revealed the matter to her classmates and parents.

He went on to use a chalk duster to wipeA� the girla��s privates. He also complimented her saying she was beautiful.

Ndlovu, who seemed to have developed affection towards the girl, a few days after the sexual abuse, visited the girl at her homestead where he found her alone and told her that he loved her. He reportedly asked to have sex with her behind their vegetable garden.

The girl is alleged to have told Ndlovu to wait for her at the proposed love nest, saying she was going to join him after she finished cooking.

The victim is alleged to have proceeded to the village heada��s homestead where she told his wife about Ndlovua��s mission.

The village heada��s wife accompanied the girl to the garden and found Ndlovu patiently waiting for the girl. The matter was reported to the police leading to Ndlovua��s arrest.

He appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Crispen Mberewere charged with rape.

Ndlovu is, however, denying the charge and the matter was postponed to 27 April for continuation of trial.