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Goodbye RoilBAA 2018, Hello BAA 2019a��

windsor-canada-pharmacy. Nkululeko Nkala

As we did last year after the inaugural Byo Arts Awards, we are back at it again this year planning a better 2019.

Outside of all the good reviews that we have been getting, we know there are things we need to fix. Some of these things are acts of God, others our fault and others well, someone else should take the blame.

Take for example, the issue of time. All year long we planned and emphasised on how we should be on time.

In fact, after the awards last year many people on their feedback alluded to the awards near perfect except for the time issue.

Sadly, though we again fell short and started close to two hours behind schedule. Why?

The Red Carpet which again delayed proceedings was scheduled for 4pm and at that time only a handful of people had arrived.

It meant because ita��s a show, which unlike a festival, which is dependent on people being there in their numbers, we started late. Ita��s not an excuse, we apologise.

Then there is the issue of sitting. There are people who had VVIP tickets and deserved sitting only to find people on their seats. Whata��s the problem here? Is it security? Is the venue small for the awards or ita��s just poor planning from the organisers?

Well, ita��s a combination of all three with a gentle push from the crew who were not supposed to sit but managed to sit with a straight face in other peoplea��s seats. The crew included artistes and media.

Leta��s also not forget the many who had VIP tickets but decided to upgrade illegally. Nonetheless we take the blame and we apologise.

The answer to all this is a barricade that is not easy to break. And in terms of numbers, the answer will be for people to buy tickets in advance, that way our floor teams can plan in advance in terms of seating.

When all is said and done, the awards happened and we appreciate the rave reviews. From me I say thank you very much to all the nominees whom the awards are about.

A further congratulations to all the winners, we are proud of you and you all are a true representation of our current arts scene.

To our partners and sponsors thank you for your confidence in the arts. For many years we have cried about the lack of support in the sector.

You said no and came in your numbers.

Thank you United Refineries, NetOne, Proton, Zimplow,Longrich Zimbabwe, Ziccopa, Orap, Fortwell, Zapalala and Sunday News to name a few.

Special mention to the Chronicle teamA� Vusa Dube, Sarah Mpofu, Jomo Mhone, Urban Culxure and Brighton Mlilo.

Another heartfelt thanks to all media, all service providers, all artistes who got onto the stage and finally all the fans who made this a success.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the awards, get in touch on info@byoarts-awards.orgA� or 0772214373 .

Until next week, be safe . . . @nkuenkala xenistat vs xenical. biotech ciprofloxacin tablets buy zyloprim without prescription propecia in the us. . .