Gold vomiting snake causes stir

Sphilisiwe Mloyi
THERE was horror and drama at Maqaqeni in Sigola after a gold spitting snake was found at one of the villagers’ homestead.

Witnesses said the horrendous snake measuring about seven metres was in an old reed washing basket.

In the same washing basket, there were two big eggs, a number of snails, small gold stones, a red cloth and other ritual materials surrounding the snake.

A thick crowd of enthusiastic villagers thronged the homestead to catch a glimpse of the gold vomiting serpent.

It is alleged that the snake which was discovered by witch hunters at Christopher Sibanda’s homestead, was for self enrichment.

It is alleged that the snake vomited gold after the witch-hunters had removed it from the basket.

Sibanda, who owns eight cars, was later attacked by fellow villagers who accused him of being a wizard who had made riches through his ritual snake.

“That’s why there are no rains. It’s because of wizards like Sibanda who want riches through evil ways. We saw his snake spitting gold after being caught by the witch-hunters,” said a villager.

The witch-hunters burnt the snake and all the ‘gold’ it had spat.

When approached for comment, Sibanda became angry and was at first reluctant to discuss the issue.

He then said: “Of course the snake was discovered, but it belongs to the wizards of the village who don’t want to see me progressing in life. It’s not mine and I don’t know its purpose.”

On the other hand, Sibanda’s wife who refused to identify herself caused a scene as she wept bitterly after being asked about the snake issue.

She denounced the allegations saying villagers were jealous of their hard work.

“People in this village are very lazy and backward. They don’t want to use their heads. When you succeed they are not happy they call you names.

“We have many cars, cattle, generators and they don’t like that. My two sons are gold panners and they bought all those cars and cattle through their sweat,” she said.

She added that the snake was a puff adder.

Ward 1 councillor, Catherine Ndebele confirmed the incident saying: “I was away from the village when this happened. I also heard the news about the mysterious snake. I am tongue tied,” she said.