Munyaradzi Mureyi and Axcelia Chada on their wedding day

Gold digging, lies, deceit allegations: One-month married couplea��s divorce takes new twist

Sukoluhle Ndlovu
LIES, deceit, threats and gold digging are at the root of the divorce of a Gweru couple barely a month into marriage.

Munyaradzi Mureyi (34) and his estranged wife Axcelia Chada (34) hit the headlines early this year after Chada filed for divorce because she no longer loved him.But Mureyi believes Chada, a mother of one, only got married to him because she wanted his money.

a�?The primary reason she got married to me is that she wanted my money.A� Ita��s a pity I never realised that. I was in a relationship with her since 2013. She should have realised that she doesna��t love me then, but surprisingly, she had to wait for us to get married as she was aware she would benefit a lot from our divorce,a�? said Mureyi.

In the application submitted to the High Court, Chanda stated that she did not want to see Mureyi anywhere near her.

However, Mureyi said it is rather strange that Chada stays at a house that he developed with his own money.

a�?Funny enough, she doesna��t want to see me anywhere near the house which was developed with my own money.

When I met her, she had just bought a two-roomed house in Mandava Township of Zvishavane. I used my money to extend the same house; erected a pre-cast wall and an electric gate since I thought she was the one for me. She also had to wait for us to tie the knot so that she could file a divorce knowing very well she would benefit from my other assets. Ita��s obvious she never loved me,a�? he added.

Divorce came as a surprise.

a�?I stayed with her in that same house while I was building two other houses. She never mentioned anything about divorce to me. I only learnt of it through her lawyer yet I shared the same bed with her. It hurts to talk about it, but I really need other men to be careful about such women. She got pregnant and aborted our kid,a�? he alleged.

At some point Chada approached Mureyia��s ex-wife and threatened her with unspecified action if she dared go near Mureyi.

a�?She went to my ex-wife and threatened her. She told her she had all the power to make her disappear if she saw her near me,a�? he said.

The couple got married in court on April 22 this year and were set to have their white wedding in December.
Chada said her former husband was a liar and a cheat.

a�?I am not a liar, actually ita��s him who tried to con me. HeA� lied that he was not married. When I discovered, I decided to end the marriage. I was never interested in his money in the first place,a�? said Chada. silagra paypal.