Going commando

Going commando craze!

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TO be or not to beA�.A�.A�. should one wear undies or not? Thata��s the current trending question out there thanks to Zodwa Wabantu.

Those women who have been doing it for sometime have a name for it and ita��s a�?going commandoa�? and for guys ita��s a�?free ballinga�? if you like to term it.

Truly speaking, most women at some point have gone without underwear because they did not like panty lines appearing and there are some who are generally uncomfortable with wearing underwear when wearing tight skirts and dresses.

It is unfortunate that women seem to be getting confused about what they really want. I see no problem in going commando, but it should only be known by you. No one needs to know! People should not be able to tell that you are not wearing underwear. There are times when it is just necessary to go commando and there are other times when it is just more comfortable to do so.

There are certain types of underwear that are just uncomfortable when paired with a particular pair of dressing. It is much easier to avoid being uncomfortable by ditching your panties. Ita��s time to get with the times and jump on the commando train!

Looking at social media comments from men, it is obvious that they are starved of seeing a�?that thang!a�?

As much as most women do not want to hear that their men had gone out to watch these women who make money by displaying their privates, just be honest with yourself and check whether your man has ever seen you without underwear. It is unfortunate that some have to pay to see a woman without underwear when in actual fact they should have it better in the comfort of their homes.

Get me right, Ia��m not saying you should always go commando, but once in a while surprise your partner and make the stripping job easy as he finds you without underwear. You know your partner better, if you know such an act will definitely turn him on, you can try it. On the other hand, if you know in his world such dressing is not acceptable never ever try it because it will spell disaster for you. We do not want a situation where a woman will be beaten for not wearing underwear or being accused of leaving it somewhere. You know your situation best!

Truth be told, there are men who feel they are real men by taking off everything and when one does not find underwear, it might be a turn-off. Some even like that moment after the game when he is helping you look for the underwear which will have been thrown away. No wonder you find men who still threaten women by saying, a�?one day you will be asking me the whereabouts of your panty,a�? this shows how much some men value underwear.

On the other hand, whispering to your partner that you do not have anything underneath is a turn-on. Just that imagination of getting down on you and not having to beg to take it off. If your man is that type who can be wild at times just to make sure each and every adult game is different, then no problem with surprising him with a pantyless day. Relationships need a little excitement in the sexual department. Let your man know you are not wearing any underwear and watch his lust for you skyrocket.

On the other hand, going commando does not always revolve around men, but it is for onea��s comfort as well. The number one reason you should go commando is that ita��s really comfortable. It is just you, your vajayjay and your pants getting to know each other better and hanging out like old friends.

Going commando can actually help prevent infections. If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, gynaecologists actually recommend you skip wearing underwear. One gynaecologist recommended that if you cannot ditch underwear during the day, try doing it at night. Vajayjays are already moist and hairy, so adding a layer of suffocation (in the form of underwear) can actually make things worse.

Going commando is not a bad idea!

There is nothing as embarrassing as VPL (Visible Panty Line). Showing off your pant to the whole world is no longer fashionable, so when wearing tight jeans, no harm in going commando. Just keep that little secret to yourself.

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