Goblins a�?vowa�� to return to action. . . kill three teachers and two pupils

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Hasta la vista!

The terminator goblin that forced early closure of Sigola Primary School last term has left the school for a certain homestead in the area. But it is reportedly threatening to kill three teachers and two pupils when it returns.
Sigola Primary School is located 20 kilometres south of Bulawayo.

During the goblina��s reign of terror, villagers held a successful cleansing ceremony. At the time, pupils were a�?collapsing from attacksa�? by the goblin.

a�?Pupils were mysteriously collapsing at the school when attacked by goblins. We then invited Goda��s servants to lead the cleansing ceremony.

a�?Since then therea��s peace at the school,a�? the Village Head Elliot Ngwenya said.

He added,

a�?Bishop Khumalo and his team prayed for the school and set traps for the baboon like creature. They said if it ever came back to the school it would become blind and die.a�?

But this might be short-lived because the goblin has been located at a nearby homestead.

a�?It was seen at a certain homestead shouting that it would return one day to kill three teachers and two pupils,a�? said one villager Mavis Gumbo.

The village head hinted that the goblin is now at its ownera��s homestead.

a�?I cannot say much about where ita��s staying, ita��s back at its ownera��s home and that is not our business,a�? he said.