Goblins at centre of domestic dispute

Nyasha Majoni
Goblins and evil spirits are the centre of a tiff between a Recliff businessman and his wife.
Sources close to the businessman claim he owns goblins that scared away his wife, but he in turn believes his wife is possessed with evil spirits.

Rejoice Mutenhe (27), wife of local-based prominent politician-cum-businessman, Onward Majaji, got the shock of her life last Tuesday during their daily stock-taking routine when she opened the cold-room to check the quantity of meat that had been left by close of business only to be welcomed by money-ejecting creatures which had filled the cold-room with the greenbacks.

a�?It was during the stock-taking period that Mai Majaji (Rejoice) decided to check on the cold-room as per the norm and instead of seeing the meat in the cold-room, she was welcomed by loads of cash. She instantly collapsed and after regaining consciousness, she phoned her brother who picked her up.

a�?She never went to her matrimonial home since she was quacking with trepidation. She has since found refuge at her rural home in Mashava,a�? a source close to the Majajis said in an interview last week.

Meanwhile, Majaji has denied allegations of ever possessing goblins. He said his wife was a�?possessed by evil spiritsa�? since this was not her first time to desert their nuptial home.

At one time in November last year, Majaji alleges, Rejoice reportedly took money amounting to US$3 500 from a cash-box at their grocery shop and deserted.

The businessman, who is a former MDC-T councillor for Redcliffa��s Ward Five said the problem lies with his wife who was possessed by spirits.

Majaji said Rejoice collapsed during the stock-taking because she is possessed by demonic spirits.

a�?What I can tell you is that my wife and I are currently separated but Ia��m hopeful that she will come back to her senses. She collapsed while counting money during the stock-taking process. That woman is possessed.

a�?Last year she fled with US$3 500 and when I tracked her to Mashava, I tried to sweet-talk my in-laws so that we visit traditional healers for assistance but they declined. When I said I wanted the money she had taken from the shop, they said since I had not fully settled the bride price, that money will go towards lobola. I was shocked my friend!a�? he revealed.

Added Majaji: a�?People will always have their own versions (that I own goblins) but I will not bother myself over such rubbish.a�?

Meanwhile Majaji has said he will still give his wife a a�?seconda�? chance if she decides to come back.

a�?I still love my wife and if she decides to come back home I will be waiting. We started this business together and I still love her. These days she does not even speak to me. She consistently ignores my calls but she is in touch with my workers,a�? said Majaji. lady era sildenafil.