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Go for a bit of adventure

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NOW and then I have come across sisters complaining how ordinary the sex game has become due to the same manner which they do it.

Once your sex life becomes monotonous and predictable the adventure and fun of the bedroom game fades out just like dew in the morning.

After a short survey with my colleagues, we reached a consensus that for sex to be steamy and memorable you have to add a bit of adventure to it.

Whenever you are about to give it a go, think about a new location starting from your house and even outside the house and even daring in the car whenever the time permits.

There are many places where people can be intimate without necessarily causing a public outcry of indecency.

Think of your lawn in the backyard, when the moon is full, can be the best memorable love nest that you can come across. The same can be said about how you go about it during an outdoor sex session.

You can as well use ice-cream, yoghurt and fruits to make the game interesting, fun and memorable encounter. Take to every sexual rundown as a new challenge; be willing to learn in as much as teach, that will create the best bond with your partner.

That being said thata��s when being adventurous comes in sisters. Dona��t let the flame of your love life burn down because of a lack of sexual initiative and creativity. We all know about the famed missionary style which most couples resort to in a bid to have a quick rush down and sleep. Where is the adventure in that sisters????

This sets us to our main topic today, how many of you sisters out there have actually had the opportunity to indulge in office sex, car sex, backyard sex, in general sex far away from the bed? If you havena��t actually tried these places my sisters it means you have a predictable bedroom game which sets off in a controlled environment.

Look for that environment which sets your adrenaline a bit higher than usual, thata��s what sexual adventure is all about. Dona��t limit yourself to the house thata��s where boredom crawls in.

I know as we speak sisters are already querying the sexual positions that can work outdoors. There are a lot of sex positions that can set your outdoor adventure literally on fire if you get to practise them. For example the infamous dog style among married couples is one of the naughty sexual manoeuvres that can throw you back to that sky is the limit sexual approach.

The reason sisters why I said that dog style is a�?infamousa�? among married couples is that most sisters are afraid that their husbands complain the moment they try to initiate a different sex position, as this creates the perception that they are naughty, promiscuous and wayward.

Sisters like I have always emphasised I will emphasise again today, take the lead in the bedroom game, be creative about how you ask for a new pleasure game method. Just pull him closer even if you are in his office and whisper in his ears that a�?I want you, to take me from behind, harda�? using that horny and wanting tone. In that way you are destined to win the case.

With all the above highlights and hints I bet you are destined to have an explosive outdoor sexual adventure. I know there are cultural implications where most sisters argue that in our culture it paints a wrong picture. But ita��s not like you will be having sex in public. Try by all means to ensure that your outdoor sexual acts do not end up recorded or being caught by strangers as it could lead to extreme humiliation.

That as a result my sisters, it never hurts to break a few rules now and then, we all know how the sentence ends. If you are a shy couple you can even try having sex in a closed garage in your home on the bonnet of your car, while the hood ita��s still hot. Just imagine driving every morning looking at the bonnet of the car filled with intimate memories, now thata��s a way to drive to work.

In an ending note my sisters, ita��s never too late to try out new things, especially in this regard. Thata��s what life is all about; make it interesting, be your own author of your sex life, add as many interesting plots and twists as you like.

Why limit yourself to a mattress while you can have a lifetime advantage in your backyard, car, garage and balcony.

Like I said be the author of your own sexual outdoor adventures, until we meet next time leta��s give owls something to hoot about.

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