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IT is an open secret that every woman should have a LBD (little black dress) in her wardrobe and this is one of the things that contribute to making you attractive, but what more is needed to make him head over heels and love you more?

The a�?MAGNETICa�? formula is the way to go and should be in every womana��s mind.

M a�� Masculinity a�� every man wants a woman who sees him as a hero. When you give a man his place, you will be shocked at how heroic he truly is even in his heart and soul.

Men want the kind of women who appreciate his ability to protect, provide and solve problems. He wants her to admire him for his steadiness and sense of calm under pressure. He doesna��t want to feel emasculated.

It is sad that there are some women who even have guts to embarrass their husbands in public by shouting at them or saying nasty things. Do not push him away with that kind of behaviour.

A a�� Acceptance a�� a real woman must never treat her partner like some kind of project that needs to be fixed. Learn to appreciate him and if he is not up to your standards better find the one you can respect and appreciate him the way he is than thinking you will change his clothes, his circle of friends and what he loves!

G a�� Grateful a�� a man has two primary gifts he can offer a woman: his ability to protect and provide. So if he is willing to risk his life to protect yours and invest his time, talent and treasure in order to provide for you, all he really wants is a little gratitude in return.

He simply wants you to appreciate that he works hard to take care of you even if he cana��t give you everything. If you want a guy to see the very best in you and fall hopelessly in love, the one thing you cana��t do is take him for granted or disrespect his efforts.

Never be in a habit of criticising him and making him appear as if he is one useless thing in your life.

N a�� Nurturing a�� if ita��s up to a man to protect and provide for his woman then ita��s your responsibility to love and make each othera��s life even better by forming a co-operative partnership here. This aspect should create a bond that complements all your efforts. The real beauty of a relationship is when two people come together with a desire to give rather than just take. Thata��s when the magic is unleashed.

E a�� Easy-going a�� despite a terrible past experience with your partner a�� you may never know how much effort he might be putting to make things right if you continuously judge him. Give him that benefit of the doubt that he is capable of being the man of your dreams. The problem only starts when he accepts that he cannot please you. Like I have always said men are simple creatures. Their whole life evolves in coming up with solutions for every problem that they face, so as a partner be easy-going on your man, give him hope that he has the ability to solve whatever maybe haunting your relationship.

T a�� Trustworthy a�� this is the essence and platform of any relationship be it in business. It becomes even more effective in romantic relationships; assurance is needed on a daily basis that what you have is entirely based on love and trust. As a result reassure your man on all bases that you have his back all the time, that you are a partner in love he can confide in at whatever cost.

I a�� Independence a�� if there is one area I see women mess up time and again, ita��s in trying to define a relationship or tie a man down too soon. Sisters dona��t rush to create boundaries that seem to cage your man or deprive him of his independence. Believe me thata��s such a turn off.

C a�� Captivate a�� if you follow several hinted stages above then you are at a captivating stage. That stage whereby you create a point of curiosity that leads to keeping your man interested all the time. At this stage you will be always in his mind and closer to his heart.

S a�� Soul mates a�� following this as listed it all leads to something magical. When you embody a love of his Masculinity with your Appreciation for who he is, add in some Gratitude, a Nurturing spirit, an Easy-going nature, an ability to be Trustworthy, and honour his Independence all the while captivating him a�� it all adds up to the final S, for Soulmate because thata��s what after all you are.

Words well said, I like your article and thanks for the teachings. Let it flow and those who want happiness in their life will take a leaf from your sound advice only for a dollar. My number one tabloid, wish you the best.

Hats off to you and your B-Metro crew.

Thanks very much tirikudzidza zvakawanda. Keep it up. Mrs Patsika

I am one of your readers and they are very interesting and kuyasifundisa thina abafazi. Keep it up.

How are you ntombenhle, wow am interested in your scripts, but people dona��t adhere to them. Your teachings are great and classic.

I like your column.

Hi, I am an avid follower of your column and I admire you a lot.

Hey MaNcue, it is true that some women fail to perform due to soft waists. Kabadinge ogogo abazi isintu ukuze babebukhali ngase-bedroom.

Hey Nhla, siyabonga nge-womena��s column, uyasinceda.

Why is it that you always talking to women only, it is unfair we need your advice as well.

Hie, ndatapirirwa ne-article yako.

Am a first time reader of your column, it was really an eye opener.

Nice articles my dear. Phibion, Harare.

Appreciated your article in the newspaper. Thanks for strength of standing up.

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