Melta Moyo

Girl (7) sets grandmothera��s house alight

Melta MoyoSesisa Gumede
A HOUSE at Entumbane in BulawayoA� wasA� engulfed in flames after a seven year-old girl accidentally set it on fire.
Upon noticing the catastrophe that was about to unravel, the grade two pupil fled the scene without alerting anyone, leaving the flames spreading all over the bedroom.

The girla��s grandmother, Melta Moyo, told B-Metro that she was on her way from one of the neighbours when her four-year-old grandson told her about the fire.

a�?I was coming from my neighboura��s houseA� when my four-year-old grandson approached me screaming something about a fire. I could not comprehend what he was saying at first then after sometime it dawned on me that he was saying there was a fire in the house. The first thing that came to my mind was whether any of my grandchildren were still trapped inside the house since some of them had knocked off from school,a�? said Moyo.

Upon getting home she was shocked by the size of the fire but her worst fears decreased when she noticed that none of her six grandchildren were trapped in the house.

The 62-year-old woman had no time to think things through, all she could think of was how to stop the fire from spreading to other rooms of her four roomed house.

a�?I did not even think to call any of my neighbours; instead I quickly rushed to the taps and fetched some water in an effort to stop the flames.A� When I poured the water it was as if I had added fuel to the fire, the flames got worse but likely a passerby noticed the flames coming out of the window and the man quickly came to my aid and together we tried to stop the flames,a�? said Moyo.

The neighbours started flocking into the Moyo residence and they were able to salvage some of the furniture but the fire would not subside. A call to the fire department saved Moyo a lot of trouble for the fire brigade was able to douse the flames when they finally arrived at the scene.

The sad thing was that the unemployed elderly woman who is also the bread winner lost all her money in the fire, like the Mushasha saga in the Muvhango television soap, the elderly woman kept all her money stashed away a�?safelya�? under her mattress .

a�?All my money was burnt in the fire. I also kept my groceries in the bedroom now I have no food to feed the children. The childrena��s clothes, blankets and four mattresses were also destroyed in the fire,a�? she said.

Since the fire, Moyo has had to survive from handouts from her kind neighbours but the woman still worries over the fact that her grandchildren do not have blankets and clothes and she does not know how she will repair the damage that was caused by the fire as the childrena��s parents do not help out in the upkeep of the children.

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