Giant lizard torments man

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LAST week on Thursday, business at Bulawayo market came to a halt when a man carrying a giant lizard pleaded to be saved from the creature that was tormenting him.The man was reportedly offering to give the giant lizard known as kwathu in IsiNdebele and mupurwa in Shona to anyone who was willing to have it.

a�?First I thought it was uxamu, but I realised that he was carrying ukwathu. Surprisingly the lizard looked comfortable in his arms. He continued telling us that he wanted to give it away because it was tormenting him,a�? said Dube who runs a fruit stall at the market.

Another vendor at the market identified as MaNdlovu claimed it could have been a curse thrown at the man for a mischievous act.

a�?I think this man did something to someone and the lizard is bound to torment him for the rest of his life. In some cases people are bewitched and they go insane, but in this case that lizard can be an angry spirit that needs appeasement to let the man go,a�? she said.

The man pleading for help as he could not bear having the creature with him anymore.

However, a member of the public tried to pull the lizard, only to realise that it was stuck to the man. Thereafter the lizard man took to his heels.

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    Send it to me, then I will hand it over to the Germans. They love to have lizards as pets.