Emmanuel Onyametease “Kobby Jones” Kwabena.

Ghanaian rapper unearthes talented Zimbo

Vendetta Mtunzi
SOCIAL media has this thing of unearthing talent.

Justin Bieber was discovered on myspace, Soulja Boy on YouTube and back in Zimbabwe a�� a relatively unknown rapper Dylan a�?Dweezy Bwoi Wondera�? Nyambe drew the attention of established Ghanaian rapper Emmanuel Onyametease a�?Kobby Jonesa�? Kwabena.

Kobby Jones came across No Mercy, a song by Dweezy Bwoi Wonder, on soundcloud and straightaway sought after him.

Dylan a�?Dweezy Bwoi Wondera�? Nyambe

Dylan a�?Dweezy Bwoi Wondera�? Nyambe canadian online pharmacy uk.

a�?I hooked up with Dweezy on Twitter after listening to his songs on Soundcloud. I liked his style and saw it fit that if we collaborate together we would make a powerful song that will attract Ghanaians, Zimbabweans and the rest of Africa,a�? said Kobby.

Now they are working on what Dweezy Bwoi Wonder says will be a�?the song of the centurya�?.

a�?I was approached by Kobby Jones for a collaboration and we decided that the single will be mine so that it can help me create a fan base locally and in Africa,a�? said Dweezy Bwoi Wonder.

Apart from music, Dweezy Bwoi is an electrician by profession having got his accreditation at Westgate four years ago but his love for music surpassed that of being an electrician which led him to venture into music full-time and being an electrician part time.

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