Get Valentinea��s Day right for both of you

EVERYONE is aware that ita��s a leap year and women are expected to give their partners special treatment and unlike other years when women sit and expect to be showered with gifts now ita��s their time.

Sisters thata��s a good opportunity leta��s go for it and it does not mean you have to go out of your way and borrowA� some money to buy expensive gifts. No! Ita��s all about making your better half happy.

The truth is that most men are just expecting to be showered with sizzling sex, because leta��s face it that is the one thing that runs in their blood!

Guess you know him like the back of your hand and choosing his favourite meal on that day can be a special gift for him. When we were growing up, we were told that one way to win a mansa�� heart is through his stomach, better use that to your own advantage.

You have to do things differently, treat him like a King and if it means taking off his shoes, go for it girl!

You know Valentinea��s Day means something different to men than it does to women. Women always expect expensive gifts and we know that many men have been jilted after failing to meet the Valentine standards, but have you ever heard of a situation where men called it quits after they got nothing for Valentine?

Sisters, leta��s be fair and spoil them this Valentine, we are the ones who always cry for equality so leta��s prove ourselves and show that we can do wonderful things that can be undeletable in their minds.

I am saying this because I heard some women saying they would not do anything for their partners on Valentinea��s Day because they always give them sex.

Someone said: a�?I cannot be eaten inside and outa�?. Women surprise me at times, because they think that everytime they have sex they are pleasing men, leta��s be honest, women enjoy sex as much as men do.

Shame on all of those who do it for men, I believe sex is for mutual benefit and sisters should stop pretending as if you do not need that pleasure sausage!

Make your partner feel that he has rocked your world and some of the things you can do is giving him sizzling sex on that day, buy him his favourite beer, take him out for dinner and bathing him would be the icing on the cake.

Some men want material objects for Valentinea��s Day, but the majority of them would rather have quality time with you. If you have that kind of man you can buy him nice shirts.

Another really awesome thing that your man would like is you! Most men love the sense of closeness and connection that having sex can bring. Make that first move on the day and be in control of the game through out.

There is no harm in deeply kissing your partner and while he is still shocked you take off his clothes as if you are possessed. When he expects you to go for the usual sex style, you try something new, then he would stay wishing that if only everyday was Valentinea��s Day.

For once after playing hide the sausage game, do not jump off the bed to look for your undies, but wipe his privates and discuss how much you enjoyed it. sildenafil 50 mgs on sale in canada.