Nigel Ndlovu

Get into politics

Nkululeko Nkala

FOR many years, creatives and the youth have been complaining about being sidelined when it comes to issues of governance.

Particularly those that are about their well being. Many of the youth posts or ministries with the youth at heart have not been headed by youth. It will or would have been better if in their structures the youth get involved in planning and decision making.

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought about encouraging young people to get into politics.

We have evidently seen there is nothing about us without us. Ita��s high time we stand up and be counted. A few years ago I mentioned to my friends I was running for political office and even though this is it, I will not declare just yet.

I like how a few of my peers are out in the open talking about either running for council or parliament.

Nigel Ndlovu, a film maker and media personality has declared his interest in the Magwegwe constituency seat and so has Natasha Karimakwenda for a council ticket under Alliance for the Peoples Agenda (APA). I know a few more young people running under different parties and from different disciplines.

Why should we be involved?

We already have plans. Take for example the arts. We would go beyond just wanting to launch the cultural policy.

Surely that cana��t be a measure of achievement in this day and time. We should be talking about studios or a vibrant arts sector enriching lives and contributing to unemployment reduction and the GDP.

We have those plans but people in positions of power see it as just entertainment. I read on the recreation plan of Rhodesia. Those guys really had a plan. Most of our renowned creatives are products of youth centres and halls which are Council initiatives planned in Rhodesia. We became the cultural hub because of the deliberate plan to make available entertainment spaces.

What have we done as a people to further cement the power of the arts? Most of our art spaces were built when Bulawayoa��s population was slightly over 300 000 people. We are close to a million now and still use the same facilities. Try and talk to most of our elders or office bearers about the arts, the one thing you may positively count will be the frowns on their faces.

Most will think art is a waste of time. a�?Not their thing, our thinga�?. Our best bet at making meaningful progress and further augmenting our tag that we are the cultural hub of the country will be having some of us at policy making tables.

Remember you can still register to vote and you are worthy of those positions.

Until next week, be safe
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