pet names for lovers

Get a sweet one for 2018

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ITa��S 2018 and most of the people want to do things differently from the previous year just to make sure they are happy all the time. I just decided to remind you to even change the way you call your loved one as it goes a long way in keeping your love life in flames.

Most couples only manage to stick to pet names for less than three years, thereafter it dies. This is wrong and ita��s a red flag to watch out for.

Remember those days when you were young and the day your mother called you by your full name you knew something was wrong.

So when your partner stops using that pet name, know that your relationship needs to be fixed somewhere.

Ita��s a new year, new things. So better get a sexy pet name for your loved one which you will stick to and never stop using as long as you are still together.

This is a remarkably universal method of being demonstrative, showing affection, and projecting tenderness. All this will give you a positive emotional charge.

When someone calls you with a sweet name, it always increases your heart beat as you are reminded of how special you are and can actually increase the a�?lovea�? you feel for that person.

Remember your heydays when you were still available on the market, someone managed to winA� your heart because of the way he called you.

Without offering much on the table, whenever he used that pet name, it made you melt and at once you felt loved and wanted.

That chemistry still applies today and you never know maybe that is the exact link which has been missing in your relationship.

In 2018, please stop calling your husband by surnames for example Ndlovu, Mapuranga, Ncube and others refer to them as SaThandi or whatsoever.

Everyone is calling him that way and even in the bedroom thata��s the way you are addressing him. Ita��s not sexy at all, but a turn-off.

When he is around you, he should feel it and there should be a difference when he is at work or with neighbours. If you are unfortunate, you will even discover that there is a certain neighbour who calls him in a sweet way, she does not just say Moyo as you do, but drags it in a sweet manner becoming Mo—yoooh and you are in trouble as he is already in love with it. Just pray that woman does not take it a step further . . . just saying.

Using a�?pet namesa�? for each other is a great indicator of how happy a couple is and the more a�?insider languagea�? couples use, the higher their relationship satisfaction tends to be.

Ita��s really good to call your man romantic names because it adds a romantic feeling to the relationship; it also adds a bond between you and your man.

At some point in life, you can get tired with the traditional pet names of baby, sweetie and honey and here is a list of other names to consider.

He can qualify to be called charming if he melts your heart with his charm. If you feel your man is just too hot to handle, he can be cutie or prince charming.

Tiger, this one best suits those ones who hit the right spots in bed. Of course with this one maybe you might be limited to use it in public places because it might tempt other women to test him as well.

So to avoid complicating things, only use it when in your private space and if you are lucky and his name starts with a T, then just call him Mr Tee, no one will ever guess what you mean as it will only remain known by the two of you.

There are some men who are really sweet to the extent that you also at times wish to be like him.

If he is too romantic and always presses the right buttons at the right time then he can be Romeo. Here we are talking of those men who are not only good in bed, but cooking, cleaning and have got a weakness of showering you with presents, Romeo best suits them.

You can also call him soul mate because you feel he is heaven sent and does not like fights. Other pet names include adorable, bear, my only one, my sunshine, Mr Cool and Handsome.

Every man likes to be seen as sexy, romantic, gentle and adorable. By using pet names, you not only make him feel loved and important, but you also boost his ego.

With a pet name, you will definitely make your man swoon in love and even the old classic name Darling will forever remain evergreen.

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