Trouble is back to dog Generations: The Legacy after two of its leading actors quit in what is feared might ignite an exodus of talent.Hardly six months since the SABC1 soapie returned to the small screen in December, two actors have decided to quit because they are branded a�?turn-offsa�? to viewers.

The latest duo to flee the Generations nest are two characters viewers have come to know as Simphiwe, who is Mazwia��s fiancee and Namhlaa��s granny Goga��Flo, played by Asanda Foji and Ivy Nkutha respectively.

a�?I dona��t know anything about what you are telling me,a�? said Nkutha when Sunday World contacted her. a�?Go back to the people who started this rumour and ask them what their motives are.a�?

Foji did not answer her phone nor respond to messages left for her.

However, two impeccable sources at the SABC, who are privy to what is happening on the Generations set, said both Foji and Nkutha recently made the decision to leave on their own accord after a fall-out with producers, citing being a�?singled out for being responsible for the dwindling viewershipa�?.

Generations executive producer Mfundi Vundla poured cold water over the news branding it as a�?liesa�?.

a�?These are malicious rumours. To say someone has been treated badly are lies of a high order.a�?

Meanwhile, Mzansia��s a�?Ita�? girl Bonang Matheba turned down a role in Generations while many average actors would kill for such an offer. But Matheba is not your average actor a�� in fact she is not even an actor.

Matheba, who has her finger in almost every pie in the entertainment industry, apparently snubbed Mfundi Vundla when offered a special role in the soapie.

Former Elizabeth Arden model Lerato Moloi then thought what was poison to Matheba could be something delectable to her as she scooped the new role.

According to a production insider Matheba was approached towards the end of last month for a screen test but she gave the producers a cold shoulder, saying she was too busy.

a�?She told the producers to come back to her in 2016 because shea��s too busy to take another project at the moment,a�? said the insider.

Our mole said that Moloi started to shoot on Monday for the character of Scarlet.

Matheba confirmed that she received a letter from the soapie bosses requesting her to be part of the show.

a�?They told me that they had created a role for me and I told them that I am overworked. I suggested that they should approach me in a year or so when my diary is free,a�? said Matheba. Matheba said that it was a�?painful to say no to Generations because it is a very big soapie. But I am overwhelmeda�?.

a�?I dona��t think I am ready for Generations but when I saw the character I saw Bonang Matheba,a�? she said.

Moloi (33) said: a�?I cana��t comment, the right person to comment is Phophi Mulaudzi (casting director for Generations) because they told me not to say anything.a�?

Generations top dog Vundla refused to comment. Moloi will play the role of Scarlet (35), a model who comes from a working class family but because of her exquisite beauty, her mother started entering her into beauty pageants at an early age and she was discovered by a modelling scout when she was 15.A� Her career soon took off and she became a sought-after runway model. She travelled the world and lived the high life but she always knew that she had a shelf life, so she made sure that when the time came for her to retire she would have enough money to build her own empire.

Viewers of the soapie will meet her when she approaches Ezweni to launch her lingerie range, the first of many products she plans on launching under her name.

According to the script, Scarlet enjoys attention and she gets on better with men than she does with women. She is a competitive perfectionist and likes to be in charge.-Online.

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