Jackson Albeit and Tafadzwa Whara 2

Gay storm as pictures of pair getting cosy leak

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TWO Bulawayo men have been caught in a homosexuality storm after pictures of them naked and getting cosy in bed leaked.

The twenty-two-year-olds who are identified as Tafadzwa Whara and Jackson Albeit are said to have left their relatives stunned by their actions.

B-Metro caught up with some neighbours who commented on the matter.

a�?Wharaa��s behaviour is disgusting. Ita��s like being born a man was the most hideous mistake that ever happened to him. Imagine our female children looked to him as a potential man to go out with yet he comes out gay,a�? added a neighbour.

On the pictures the young men are seen ensconced in each othera��s arms naked a��kissing, cuddling and at some point, their legs intertwined.

According to an anonymous source the young man leads a double life, as in the afternoon he is usually seen flirting and going on dates with girls while at night he hits the sheets with other men.

a�?He used to be with one girl whom I am certain was his girlfriend. They used to go around the neighbourhood holding hands and at times get really cosy kissing in public. Imagine how that girl is feeling seeing these pictures?a�? added another neighbour.

The family could not face B-Metro as their cellphones went unanswered while some dropped the line the second this journalist introduced herself.

B-Metro caught up with the duo who begged the paper not to publish anything acknowledging how disgraceful their actions were and that their image would be tarnished.

a�?Please dona��t publish those pictures, please we can do anything you want, just dona��t. This will ruin our life, destroy our reputation and we already facing the axe of banishment by our families,a�? pleaded Whara.

Gay and lesbian relationships are outlawed in Zimbabwe. why was cefdinir discontinued.