Power of Words

Furore as a�?curseda�� neighbour miscarries

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
THERE is power in wordsa��

A couple from Bulawayoa��s Nkulumane 5 suburb will never forgive their neighbour who a�?curseda�? the wife when she was pregnant swearing that she would never have a child.

The curse later came to pass as the woman suffered a miscarriage.

Sibusisiwe Nzima will forever be held responsible for her neighboura��s miscarriage as she reportedly insulted her neighbour Farai Chawatiraa��s wife declaring that she was not going to have a baby despite knowing about her pregnancy.

When the woman was seven months pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage and the couple was left with no choice, but to hold the prophetess of doom responsible.

Since the day of the miscarriage, Nzima and Chawatira have become enemies who always exchange insults.

Nzima therefore rushed to the courts seeking a peace order against Chawatira whom she accused of disturbing her peace.

a�?I am applying for a peace order against my neighbour Farai Chawatira as he always insults me saying that I am very slim as if I worked at a company that manufactures steel wires.

a�?He threatened to fix me and I now fear for my life as I do not know how and what he is planning to do,a�? said Nzima.

She also revealed that Chawatiraa��s wife had a miscarriage and they blame her for eating the child and the man is threatening to revenge by killing one of her family members.

In his response, Chawatira said Nzima was the one with a problem as she cursed his wife when she was pregnant.

a�?Nzima swore that my wife was not going to have a child when she was pregnant and indeed she had a miscarriage at seven months. She lost the baby and trouble started when I confronted her after the incident as her words had come to reality,a�? he said.

The presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted a binding order and both parties are not supposed to communicate or threaten each other in any way.