From Luveve to Kalawa. . . Dilizaa��s story

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SOUTH Africa based Zimbabwean kwaito musician Delaney a�?Dilizaa�? Dondo made his first solo appearance in Bulawayo, giving a good account of himself at a gig held at Horizon Pub and Grill on Saturday night.After making an appearance with other Kalawa Jazzme heavyweights at the popular Homecoming gig held in the city during the festive season, the Kwaito artiste gave local fans another taste of his brand of lyricism.

Unknown to many who got down on the dance floor to dance to some of the songs he performed on the night, the Kalawa signeea��s talent was first spotted at the back of J Temba Bottle Store in Luveve in 1999, where a passerby marvelled at his deep voice that was to be the force behind Alaska hit track Shacker Mntwana and Kalawa GP.

a�?The first time someone told me how good I was as a singer was one Sunday morning years back when I was suffering from a hangover after a night at Visions Nightclub. There is a guy called Mdu, who is now in the United States, who passed by the bottle store and heard my voice and told me I had a future as a musician,a�? he said.

Diliza said he then made his rounds in Bulawayo music circles, linking up with Joe tha OG who helped him record his first songs while he alsoA� played a background role for the likes of Sandra Ndebele, Street Niggaz and Jeys Marabini as a sound engineer and producer.

Due to his humble beginnings he said he had not envisioned making a living off music, or as signing as a Kalawa artiste.

a�?Coming from Luveve back then I never thought that I could make a living from music. This was something that I was just doing for fun with the guys,a�? he said.

Diliza, who has been in South Africa for the past seven years, said getting signed to Kalawa had not been a struggle, as his potential was identified by the stable after he had sent them one demo tape.

He added that his close ties to Kalawa supremo, Oskido had protected him from any victimisation as a Zimbabwean artiste working in South Africa.

a�?I havena��t been victimised because I am very tight with Oskido. He is someone who everyone wants to be in good books with,a�? he said.

Diliza and his three-man group a�� Stiff a�� are preparing to release a full album later this year.