Farai Saiveni (3)

Frienda��s ghost haunts brother

Lisa Masuku
A MAN from Magwegwe, Farai Saiveni (40), has not known sleep for the past five years.

He is being tormented by the ghost of his brothera��s friend who died in 2009.

SaiveniA� accommodated his brothera��s friend Kenneth Sibanda (now late) at his Johannesburg apartment so that they share the burden of paying rent.

When Sibanda fell seriously ill, Saiveni and his brother Douglas DzinesaA� considered inviting a third person to live with them but the then frail Sibanda refused.

When Sibanda died, Saiveni and Dzinesa got a new tenant but little did they know that they were inviting trouble.

“The first time the ghost attacked me, I heard a strong force which unlocked the door using the deceaseda��s key. ItA� beat me using a plank insisting that IA� should not share this place with anyone else ,a�? said Saiveni.

Saiveni came back home to Zimbabwe three years ago but occasionally he still gets a beating from the ghost.

a�?My life has been a living hell. I dona��t know sleep because the ghost tortures me at night especially when l switch off lights or close my eyes it strikes,a�? Saiveni said.

Saiveni can see the weapons usedA� but he cana��t see his attacker.

a�?He attacks me using forks, knives and axes. The problem is that he comes in different forms, sometimes in the form of a shadow or owl which will be making sounds with its wings and he would lift me up only to be blocked by the roof of the house,a�? Saiveni added.

Saivenia��s mother Grace Dzinesa confirmed her childa��s suffering and she added that it affected her well being too.

“We have been to renowned prophets and Inyangas in places such as Binga, Chipinge, and Chimanimani but to no avail.

“They only tell us that a woman who had a child with the deceased is the one who went to his grave out of anger and performed a ritual to bring his spirit back to life. She did this because they (friends) had refused to take care of his son,a�? Dzinesa said. canada male enancement pills .