Mangamiso Bowasi on the far left in yellow like shirt

a�?Fraudulent MPa�� exposed

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A MEMBER of the Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) in Bulawayo is at the centre of a fraud storm after he allegedly misrepresented himself as a member of the MDC Alliance so that he could receive funds from the diaspora meant to steer development in his constituency.

Mangamiso Bowasi reportedly misrepresented himself to Dr Nyasha William Gwazemba who was reportedly based in America that he won the Luveve seat in Bulawayo under the MDC Alliance.

According Gwazemba, who is also member of the MDC Alliance they decided to set a trap against Bowasi, a former member of the MDC-T following reports that he was going around allegedly defrauding people under the pretext that he was still a member of the MDC Alliance.

According to WhatsApp chats in possession of B-Metro, Bowasi lied to Dr Gwazemba that he won the Luveve Constituency under the MDC Alliance ticket after he was promised US$ 70 000 meant to develop a�?hisa�? constituency.

a�?I really need to be sponsored seriously for community projects and for the support of our ward structures. Just imagine (during election campaigning period) we have to look for financial support from unfriendly sources and they ignored our requests but we soldiered on,a�? he said.

When he was asked how they would send him the money as they would also later need proof of how it would have been used, Bowasi made a passionate plea to have it sent into his personal account.

a�?For accountability purposes send it direct to my account so that we quickly start the projects with our people at grassroots level,a�? he said before providing his contact details.

When he was further asked if he was not a member of ZIPP he insisted that he was an active member of the MDC Alliance adding that his party was negotiating with some members of ZIPP and MDC-T to join them.

Asked to comment on the suspected irregular conduct Bowani said he was aware that it was a�?trapa�� for him by Dr Gwazemba.

a�?I knew he was lying to me and a trap despite the fact that he had changed his WhatsApp number. Everything what he was promising I knew he was lying that is why I was not even answering some of his questions and at times I was evasive.

a�?He also didna��t know that I was already aware of his intentions before he even offered me his empty promises,a�? said Bowani. forum generic levitra england where to buy anabuse. camlodin en francais. . sildenafil citrate 100mg price.