Flabbaa��s girlfriend granted R10 000 bail

The woman accused of killing musician Nkululelo a�?Flabbaa�? Habedi has been granted R10 000 bail.
Sindisiwe Manqele today appeared in the Alexandra Magistratesa�� Court charged with her rapper boyfrienda��s murder.Her family and close friends who were sitting in the court gallery couldna��t contain their excitement when she was granted bail. Her father, Themba Manqele, a retired police officer, also looked relieved. However, they refused to speak to the media.

Manqele walked into the dock covering her face with a black and white head scarf. She wore grey tracksuit pants and a navy and white hoodie. She was seen wiping away tears with the scarf after she was granted bail. One of Habedia��s disappointed friends was overheard saying: a�?She must go commit suicide. Shea��s a murderer.a�?

According to Manqelea��s affidavit read by her lawyer, Amanda Vilakazi, there was imminent danger to her life on the day of the murder. She said that she killed the musician in self-defence.

a�?I had been brutally attacked by the deceased on the day of his death. I sustained injuries on my body.a�?

Dr Mike Lukhozi, a medical practitioner specialising in clinical forensic medicine, examined Manqele at the Johannesburg Prison hospital on 14 March. His report stated that the 26-year-old had sustained multiple soft tissue injuries due to a combination of blunt and sharp trauma.A� The visible injuries involved (but were not limited to) her head and neck, upper and lower limbs as well as the abdominal wall and chest.A� Vilakazi confirmed to the court that her client slit her wrist on the scene as an emotional reaction to the incident.

She told the court that she didna��t see why her client should remain in custody because the state didna��t have enough evidence, and there were no eye witnesses.

a�?The state has a weak case against my client,a�? said Vilakazi.

But the prosecutor, Percy Ramushu, argued that Vilakazi didna��t know what was in the docket.

In her affidavit, Manqele motivated why she should be granted bail.

She said she would not interfere with the witnesses, she had no previous convictions, no pending matters and no outstanding warrants and she would not be a danger to society.

She was granted bail because she would was not a flight risk. She had to hand in her passport, and must report to Midrand Police Station every Wednesday and Friday between 6am and 6pm. She also has to inform the investigating officer if she intends to leave Gauteng. Manqele will appear in court again on May 13.

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