Five things to go away in 2017

HEY fashion! Ita��s time to retire some of your old ways and move forward. Here are five trends you should seriously consider retiring in the new year.

online pharmacies in singapore. sandalis viagra. 1 Dramatic fringe
We all love fringes on our skirts, shoes and purses but leta��s not go for over the top, exaggerated ones.

2 Fitness trackers
If you want to live a healthier life then drink more water, eat healthy and exercise, but if you want to waste your money on a hideous bracelet that ruins your outfit then get a fitness tracker. Besides, no one really cares if youa��re counting your steps or not.

3 Corsets aka waist trainers
The Kardashians made this trend popular with their constant Instagram posts showing their hour glass figures in their corsets. They are designed to enhance (or rather exaggerate) your figure. It has also been said that they can cause internal organ damage, so no thanks.

4 Bright coloured/patterned tights
I dona��t even know why these areA� produced in adult sizes. Whoever thought that they would flatter any humana��s legs was mistaken.

5 Dungarees
Rather go for a jumpsuit, ita��s cuter. Unless you work on a farm. a�� Online