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Five kidnap sangoma: ‘We wanted her to connect us to our ancestors’

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FIVE brothers from Matayaya Village in Mwenezi, Masvingo Province will live to curse the day they kidnapped a spirit medium forcing her to connect them to their ancestors.

The five brothers; Leonard (42), Lucas (31), Liston (39), Passmore (24) and Abraham Chimhara (23) were left convinced that they were indeed unlucky in life as their plan backfired.

They reportedly teamed up and kidnapped Esther Chihoso (52) for days demanding that she links them to ancestors as they had suffered enough in life.

The brothers accused the family spirit medium of not pleading their case with ancestors.

The woman was saved by police after her son reported the matter.

The five were arrested and hauled before Mwenezi magistrate Honest Musiwa facing kidnapping charges.

They pleaded guilty to the charges but argued that they did not intend to hurt the complainant. They wanted her to talk to their ancestors.

The magistrate convicted them on their own plea of guilty and they were each sentenced to eight months in prison.

Three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

It is reported that on 6 May at around 5pm, the Chimhara brothers went to the complainanta��s homestead and asked her to join them to their mothera��s homestead.

The complainant refused saying she could not travel at night.

It seems the refusal did not go down well with the brothers who assaulted her saying she enjoyed seeing them struggle in life.

They then force-marched the woman to their mothera��s homestead and locked her up in a room.

They said they would not release her until she talked to their ancestors.

On the second day when the complainant had not returned home, her son reported the matter to the police leading to their arrest.