First local Nambya movie released

Chido Macherenje
CLUSTERED around the coal-mining town of Hwange is a small tribe called the Nambya. Stories from that ethnic group are rarely told, as with many minorities, yet natives from that tribe are making efforts to share their anecdotes in their own tongue.

A movie titled Shetani (which means ukuhlupha in isiNdebele) is a 2014 production which was produced in South Africa by Sydwatch Media House. It is a first ever for the Nambya culture.

The movie reflects the adventurous experiences of a Zimbabwean woman called Shetani.

Coming from an uneventful village deep in Zimbabwe, Shetani gets an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to what would be greener pastures in South Africa with her husband – only to find that he is working as a gardener and he cannot fend for her.

Sydney Wachimwa, the producer, says he decided to shoot the movie in South Africa because of financial reasons.

a�?We had to do it in South Africa because there was a shortage in resources, logistics and finance. I was willing to have it shot in Hwange because it is the home of the Nambyans but because of finances it was not possible,a�? he added.

Wachimwa said that the relevance of the movie is that it is by Nambyans for the Nambyan people.

It is not the first time for Wachimwa to produce a motion picture as he recently produced a short-film entitled Ndauya Kusha which is to say a�?I have come homea�?. The movie got positive response and thus encouraged him to do another movie.

Efforts to get the movie Shetani screened on ZTV are still on hold as the broadcaster has not replied to the application placed by Wachimwa.

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