Chief Nemangwe

Fight over sex duty roster. . . Woman hires inyanga to perform rituals in rivala��s bedroom

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A FIGHT over the home sex duty roster between two wives got nastier when one of them hired a sangoma who performed some rituals in her rivala��s bedroom.

The sangoma signed off leaving a a�?hugea�� chameleon with a necklace lying on her bed.


In a fit of jealousy, Greater Chenjerai from Mapfumo Village in Gokwe who apparently felt her husband Easy Ngwenyaa��s second wife Faith Kamba was greedily enjoying his magic stick decided to use juju to spoil her selfishness.

It is reported that Chenjerai who also wanted Kamba to be divorced hired an inyanga in the absence of their husband which she then introduced to Kamba as their husbanda��s eldest sister.

According to one of Ngwenyaa��s relatives, Anorld Shumba who claimed to have intimate details of the scary incident, Chenjerai in a bid to allow her sangoma to liberally perform the rituals, requested Kamba to allow her to take a bath in her bedroom.

She claimed the alleged aunt was not comfortable doing it in the toilet because of the stench smell emanating from it.

Shumba said before the rituals were performed and subsequently the horrific discovery of a chameleon on the bed was made, Chenjerai was always threatening Kamba saying their husband was sex starving her at her instigation.

a�?Knowing that their husband as a kombi driver was not always at home, Chenjerai hatched a plan to a�?fixa�� Kamba when she hired a sangoma and introduced to her as their husbanda��s eldest sister.

a�?In a bid to allow the sangoma to perform some rituals in Kambaa��s bedroom, Chenjerai allowed her to take a bath there claiming she was uncomfortable doing it in the toilet.

a�?After sometime the sangoma came out and shockingly poured some water on the doorsteps much to the fright of Kamba who immediately went into her bedroom and saw a huge chameleon with a necklace perched on her bed. Out of fear she quickly bolted out crying thereby attracting the attention of neighbours,a�? said Shumba.

He added: a�?Many people from the village showed up and it was the sheer curiosity in their eyes that carried them. It later took the courage of five men who went into the bedroom and removed the giant reptile.

a�?When Ngwenya came and confronted Chenjerai she later confessed that that she was the one responsible for the horrifying discovery and that she wanted to bewitch Kambaa�?.

After her chilling confession, Shumba said Ngwenya then approached Chief Nemangwe (pictured above)a��s traditional court to annul their customary union.

Commenting on the matter Chief Nemangwe said:a�?It is true that I handled the matter in which Easy Ngwenya divorced his wife Greater Chenjerai after she used juju on his second wife Faith Kamba.

a�?He indicated that before the incident he once stumbled upon some black muthi, in a plastic paper covered with his photos and papers inscribed with his name hidden under the bed.

a�?Although, she confessed to have hired the sangoma and performed the rituals in Kambaa��s bedroom she however, refused to reveal the same of the sangoma who immediately fled after the incident. After the proceedings and Chenjeraia��s confession the two parties agreed to dissolve their customary marriagea�?.

Traditionally, chameleons are feared and mostly killed since they are associated with witchcraft and bad luck.