Female vendor batters cop for failing to produce ID

A female vendor who was facing charges of assaulting a police officer who had arrested her for operating without a licence stunned the court when she claimed that she flew into a rage after she thought that the cop was an imposter.
This was after he failed to produce his police identity card.

Musa Ndlovu (29) from Pumula South said she failed to control her temper after she suspected that the police officer, Brian Chikonye who had arrested her was one of the fake cops she had been reading about in the newspapers.

She made the claims before magistrate SheunesuA� Matova where she had been hauled to answer to two counts of assaulting a police officer and vending without a licence as defined in section 5 (a) (i) of he Bulawayo City Council By-laws of 1998.

The remorseful Ndlovu pleaded guilty to both counts last week and was remanded out of custody to a later date for sentencing.

However, during the pre-sentence examination Ndlovu who had initially indicated that she did not assault Chikonye saying she only grabbed his shirt was shocked when the magistrate told her that at law what she did was a�?purea�? assault.

Agreed facts were that on 25 July at around 5 pm at Corner 11th Avenue and Fort Street Ndlovu who was illegally selling her wares was approached by the complainant who was on duty.

When Chikonye approached her, he introduced himself before he asked Ndlovu to produce her vending licence.

When she failed to do so she was told that she was under arrest.

It is reported that the accused person became violent and started resisting arrest before she grabbed the police officer by the collar. She went on to assault him with fists.

The complainant who appeared to be on the receiving end of Ndlovua��s flurry of punches was later rescued by his workmates who rushed to the scene to handcuff the daring Ndlovu before they took her to Bulawayo Central Police Station where charges of assaulting a police officer were filed against her.

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