Fathera��s a�?stolena�� goat haunts woman (30)

Chido Macherenje
A 30-YEAR-OLD woman, Sukoluhle Mwangonda from Mlibizi village in Hwange, burst into tears as she confessed to her father after being a�?haunted by his special goata�? which she had stolen.
For seven years Sukoluhlea��s father, Nkosilathi Mwangonda thought his special goat had been stolen by unknown thieves.

Sukoluhle finally confessed to eating her fathera��s special goat and lying that it had been stolen when her father was away attending a funeral.

a�?I was pregnant in 2007 and I was craving for meat. I had no money and this goat was up and about in the yard so I grabbed it, and cooked it for supper. Before I sold some of the meat to our neighbour.

a�?That is why I lied to my father. I told him his special goat was stolen during the night when he was away attending another villagera��s funeral wake. Since then my father has been very worried and ill. He always asked me what happened to the goat but I kept lying to him.a�?

Sukoluhle whose life has since become miserable after eating the goat said the goat was haunting her.

a�?Since eating the goat I have become an alcoholic. I fight with my boyfriend every weekend and once I was arrested for shoplifting. People dona��t want me near them because they think I am a thief and my three-year-old son suffers as well.

a�?My guilty conscience tells me it is because of my fathera��s goat,a�? she said.

The goat was not only special to her father; it was reportedly a well-known and special goat to the entire community.

Nkosilathi (71) is a famous traditional healer in Mlibizi area, and says the goat was his gift from the ancestors.

a�?The goat was a gift from the ancestors, it hurts me to know that Sukoluhle helped herself with my goat,a�? her father was quoted as having said to other villagers.

Sources said he said he would forgive his daughter if she buys another goat to replace the one she killed.