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Father or husband, make it count!

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DO not forget that ita��s Fathera��s Day on Sunday so celebrate the fatherhood and make them feel they are indeed special!

Sisters, we have once differentiated between a wife and woman, in this weeka��s article as we celebrate Fathera��s Day I decided to remind you that fatherhood should not overcome the husband role at home, but the two should be balanced.

Wondering where I am heading with all this? I have realised that most women after wedding bells and being blessed with children, they let fatherhood take over and let the husband issue die a silent death.

Do not let your partner become only a father, but he should be both a father and a husband. He becomes the father because of children and that he is the head of family. Now that you have joined your kids in calling your husband a�?dada�? does not mean you should kill his role of being a husband.

As you celebrate Fathera��s day appreciating the importance of these men in our families, try and express your love and show that they are your lifetime darlings and no one will ever take their place.

It is unfortunate that because people have let fatherhood take over, inevitably this has led to the death of sentimental values between couples in a relationship. Fatherhood, in as much as it supposedly commands respect just like motherhood, shouldna��t become an obstacle that erases the role of a husband.

That being said my sisters, always be in a position to differentiate and juxtapose the father of your children and the husband that you married. The two shouldna��t be used interchangeably and the latter as well shouldna��t overshadow the former.

The best position that you have to take is to know that fear shouldna��t dominate any relationship. I remember back then, fathers were monsters to the extent that women had sad sexual and marriage life. As a result that being said respect instead of fear should dominate most of our relationships as sisters, positioning us in a phase of managing to differentiate between a father and husband.

Yes, he is a father when with family, but the minute you get into the bedroom, fatherhood aside and the husband takes over. Back then we used to hear whispers now and then how a sexual game ended in a bedroom after the women exhibited sexual prowess which would be easily mistaken for promiscuity by husbands.

A husband should be more of a best friend, a partner, someone whom you can relate with and share all your problems with. Yet a father should be that person who like a mother commands respect in front of your children and family.

Sisters, I think at this point we have gradually reached a point where we can safely differentiate between the way we handle the father of our children and the man who attends to our sexual needs and emotional problems when we are in a private and sometimes public space.

This Sunday we celebrate fathera��s day. Leta��s make it count for them as fathers of our children in every regard and respect. This is the moment when as a mother you have to buttress the point to your children and family that this is the man who defines me in as much as you would like him to be defined and his heart anchored on the principles that guide you.

That being said, playing the sisterly and motherly day on Fathera��s Day shouldna��t just end in front of the children. As an innovative sister why not extend the celebrations to the bedroom where with no doubt you get to show your husband that you are still the wife he kissed on the wedding day and during honeymoon. Surprise him! I bet that most fathers out there barely keep in touch with such special days due to their busy schedule, take advantage of that!

Lure him into one of his sexual fantasies that he has always wished to explore or that he is yet to fulfil. Surprise him with one of the hottest sexual escapades that he is yet to experience. I know most couples due to excessive sex or lack of creativity are running out of that sexual steam that wasA� once oozing. Take this Fathera��s Day celebrations as an opportunity to revive that sexuality.

After all the emotional bond that once existed between couples can be re-introduced in a relationship through steamy sexual activities and improving communication lines between couples. Despite our torrid and always challenging sexual lives they are many ways you can ensure that you celebrate Fathera��s Day in style.

You can come up with family activities that will eventually create a family bond, not only between your husband but with the children as well. After all whata��s a father when he doesna��t tick well with his children. So sisters, be creative and show initiative as you thrive towards a meaningful Fathera��s Day, that will enrich your family relations.

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