Garikai Makuve (2)

Family tortures dead man’s best friend

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A man from Matare village in Masvingo is lucky to be alive after his late best friend’s family held him responsible for his friend’s death and tortured him for days forcing him to confess before the whole village.

The now deceased Eriah Marega reportedly died just after being ordained village head and it is said he was poisoned.

After his burial, the Marega family started hunting for the culprit and family prophets pointed at the deceased’s best friend Garikai Makure (ABOVE).

Without wasting time, they attacked Makure accusing him of killing their relative. Makure reportedly professed ignorance saying the prophets were lying.

“The whole village gathered at Torerai Makure’s homestead where a prophet was called to pick up those responsible for Marega’s death.

“To my shock, he called out my name saying I had poisoned the now deceased. When I told them that I did not know what they were talking about, they started beating me up saying I should confess,” said Makure.

The whole clan reportedly beat him with logs and switches, but he maintained that he was innocent.

“Upon realising that I was sticking to my word, they then dug a pit and made fire before putting stones and water inside. I was then covered with blankets and made to sit next to the fire for hours.

“Despite all the suffering, I maintained my words that I never poisoned Marega,” he said.

Another prophet from their church was called and he gave Makure some herbs to eat saying if he was responsible for Marega’s death, he was going to die after walking a few steps.

Alas, nothing happened to him.

A third prophet was called again and he cut a piece of cloth from Makure’s shirt saying if he had poisoned the man, he was going to die.

He was later released, but the Marega family threatened to burn him alive.  He rushed to report the matter to the police.

When police attended the scene to arrest Marega family members who had tortured Makure, it is reported Mai Marega pulled a shocker and stripped in public protesting against the arrests.

“The police failed to arrest the Marega family members who had tortured me as the now deceased’s wife stripped naked in front of people.

“Up to now nothing has been done to the family,” said Makure.

He further revealed that after the incident, the Marega family left saying they were going to consult a traditional healer and surprisingly upon their return they came and apologised for their actions.

“After visiting a traditional healer, they came to me and apologised, but I want the law to take its course because they injured me,” said the visibly disturbed Marega.

Mai Marega confirmed the reports.

“My husband’s death was just sudden and as a family we never took it lightly,” she said before breaking down.

Thereafter she referred all questions to her husband’s brother Pineous Marega who declined to comment on the issue saying it was not news.

However, it is said that the whole village will camp at Kyle house from 4 to 6 March and traditional healers will pinpoint those who poisoned Marega.