TAKE your prayers and . . ! This is what Davida��s prayer-hating sister from hell yells at him every morning when he thanks his ancestors for letting him out of jail.
David Raboleko (49) from Meadowlands in Soweto, South Africa was released from prison in 2011 after serving half of his 15-year sentence.

His brother died in prison but David made it out alive so he decided to thank his ancestors by praying to them every day.

But his sister, Tsidi Raboleko, told him that his prayers were too noisy. a�?She told me shea��d make up charges against me so I would go back to prison,a�? David said.

a�?She said if that didna��t work shea��d pay people to kill me.a�? Davida��s mother, Martha Raboleko (73), told the Peoplea��s Paper that her daughter terrorises everyone at home.

a�?She swears at me for no reason,a�? Martha said. a�?Sometimes she gives me hot klaps when I try to stop her from fighting with her brother.a�?

Martha said that it is traditional to thank the ancestors if people feel they have received some blessings.

a�?It breaks my heart to see my children fight,a�? gogo Martha said. Tsidi (37) told Daily Sun David is full of anger.

a�?Since he came back from prison he needs anger management,a�? she said.

Tsidi denied she wants her brother dead or sent back to prison.

a�?David is crazy,a�? she said. But the grateful man said he will keep praying to make sure he doesna��t break the law again- Daily Sun how much is cialis in canada.