Family buries skull, bones

Danisa Masuku
ON Christmas Day in 2013 Fani Bhebhe left home to take a bath in the river, probably preparing to look his best on that holiday in Mhlotshana Village under Bubi District in Matabeleland North. Unfortunately that was the last his family would see or hear from him.

A year passed, hope of ever finding him was lost until sometime last week when a cap, shoes and a belt he left home wearing were found next to a human skull and a few bones.

That for the Bhebhe family was enough to find closure.

a�?A herdboy from the area found a skull and bones belonging to my father. Beside the skull, there was an old cap, belt, a t-shirt and shoes that he was wearing when he left. That made us believe it was my father,a�? said a distraught Gibson Bhebhe.

In as much they were glad to find closure about the whereabouts of their father, it remains a puzzle for the family because some of his body parts seem to had been removed. Could it have been a ritual murder?

a�?It is sad that notable remains such as his chest and backbone were missing,a�? added Bhebhe.

Gibson brushed aside assumptions of it being a ritual murder.

a�?He could have passed out and got lost in the bush. Maybe he was attacked by wild animals,a�? he said.

B-Metro attended the emotionally charged funeral.

a�?I have never seen such a thing. I am shocked because part of the skull was missing and the chest bones where the heart is found were also missing,a�? said Faith Khabo elder daughter to the late Bhebhe.

The family called prophets to help solve the mystery.

a�?We called prophets to conduct a cleansing because we fear this might strike one of the family members. We also want theA� herdboy to be part of the cleansing as he is the one who discovered the remains,a�? said Trymore Bhebhe a son to the late.

The village head gave his own religious interpretation:a�?There is nothing impossible with God. I knew he would be found. We are happy as a village that the remains have been laid to rest,a�? said village head Douglas Mpofu. viagra generikum.