ExQ headlines Vuzu party. . . All star party another vuzu?

Keith Mlauzi
UNDERAGE sex and alcohol abuse by teenagers are the two most common characteristics of a vuzu party.

The police have always been kept on their toes chasing and trying to shut down vuzu parties. Well, little did they know vuzus are still in the game but in a different technique.

Vuzu party organisers have managed to dodge the eyes of the hawk by merely giving the parties a whole different name.

One other vuzu organiser who demanded to speak anonymously revealed that they still organise vuzus but give them a different name.

“We know that the police are on our case but we have managed to look for a way of having fun in a way the police cannot suspect which is giving the party a whole different name,” he said.

The All star Party that headlined Bulawayo last Saturday at Club Venus is one other wolf dressed in sheep skin.

What do people possibly recall about the All Star party? Lots of beer and women, yet no one seemed to care if they were all in the legal age of clubbing.

Teenage girls flooded from different locations in city on the weekend, affordable alcohol prices made it easy for everyone in attendance to have a drink.

Cars were converted to a sex haven, most young girls indulged in there and the security could not do anything about it.

One of the organisers of the events admitted that illicit things happened that night and underaged children were a blessing to the party.

“Our cut-off age was 16 years but I’m sure some below 16 came through, you know nowadays it’s hard to tell the age of a person because these kids grow fast,” said Leeroy Mufudzi.

It was only the VIP and VVIP areas that were controlled. The general crowd which made up almost three quarters of the whole audience in attendance was left to go wild and free.

“One thing I’m sure of is in the VIP and VVIP areas order was maintained, no funny stuff happened there but we couldn’t control the ‘povo’ (general) so they did whatever they wanted,” added Mufudzi.

Bulawayo has always been the hub of vuzu parties and police have tried their level best to shut them down but they just can’t stop teenagers with hot blood who are dedicated to having fun and organisers of these events will not go down so easily but always find a way of getting off the hook.