Exams drive wake-up tablets sales

Mmeli Nyoni
WAKE-up tablets and syrups experienced a surge in demand during the just ended examination period as some students stretched their ability to stay late at night studying.

Coffee and energy drinks couldna��t do the trick this time around if a research conducted by this reporter is anything to go by.

Numerous pharmacies in Bulawayo said they recorded a�?healthya�? sales of sleep depriving drugs.

During the course of the year, a pharmacist who spoke on condition of anonymity said the sales were also impressive because of night shift workers and truck drivers.

a�?People who do night shifts including nurses take these drugs. Truck drivers usually lead the list of our clients here.

But November was phenomenal because of seasonal buyers who are students. Examination times are stressful and so students overwork themselves and they tend to need these drugs,a�? he said.

These drugs are over the counter medicines with no need for prescriptions.

According to some medical journals, wake up tablets are not classified under addictive substances.

They are, however, stimulants that provide energy and, in some cases, may alter moods.

Because of the adverse side effects, most caffeine or energy pills display warning labels to the consumer. flomax bustine prezzo.