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Exam cheat caught googling answers

Mmeli Nyoni pai que espanca filho.
IT might be true after allA� that the smarter the technology,A� the dumber todaya��s students become, considering a case of an Ordinary level pupil who resorted to google during his history examination.

The pupil (name supplied) who sat for his Ordinary levels at Milton High School decided not to take heed of the examination question papera��s instructions that clearly state NO COPYING when with the aid of his smartphone looked for answers online.

Those that sat for the same examination said he was caught red handed by the invigilator, a teacher at the school a Mr S Dube.

It is said he had his phone on his left lap. This worried school authorities who then tried to find out if he had been using the same modus operandi during the entire examination period.

But with no tangible proof other than the history examination, the school wrote a letter to the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec).

Zimsec would have to carefully analyse the pupila��s responses to examination questions.

Despite the bust, he went on to write his next papers.

The acting school headmaster Malusi Mazibuko said the school followed proper channels in addressing the matter.

a�?What happens in cases like this one is that we draw up a report then submit it to Zimsec for evaluation. We do not suspend them,a�? he said.