Ex-wife digs up floor to fix man

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

IN a bid to fix her ex-husband and his newly found wife, a South Africa-based woman (injiva) reportedly paid them a surprise visit at their homestead and caused chaos by digging up the floor using an axe and attempting to set the kitchen hut alight.

As if that was not enough drama, the woman also broke all kitchen dishes including cars window.

Gladys Moyo did all this to fix her ex-husband Melusi Sibanda who has moved on with his life and married another woman.

The woman travelled all the way to their rural home where upon arrival, made it clear she was still bitter and was on a mission.

Though she arrived at the homestead pretending to have come to collect children, her actions proved otherwise.

After her atrocious behavior, her ex-husband, father of their three children decided to ban her from coming to his place.

Sibanda made it clear that Moyo was not welcome at his home and they had to have an arrangement whenever she wanted children.

“I have a problem with my ex-wife as she comes to my rural home to insult me and my wife in front of the children.

“She damaged the floor with an axe and broke all kitchen dishes and tried to burn the kitchen. Whenever she comes to collect children, she provokes me. So can we agree before the court that when she needs children, I send them to her and she does not come where I stay,” said Sibanda.

In response, Moyo disputed the allegations saying, “I do not remember making noise. Last year when I went to collect children, he insulted me.”

Magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of applicant.