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Ex-lover ordered to pay for lovechild…Brutally assaulted, raped for poking married lovera��s wife

Gibson Mhaka
WHEN someone lacks shame, things like this happen!

A terribly enraged married man carried out a brutal attack on his ex-lover when he forced her to undress and lie down with her stomach before beating her up with a leather belt for the most unbelievable reason ever a�� that she had a�?pokeda�? his wifea��s buttocks when they met in town.

As if that was not enough, Mhlupheki Mpofu, a bus driver with Mzansi Bus Service, after beating up his ex-lover Petty Moyo, allegedly went on to forcibly have sexual intercourse with her at his workplace.

The abuse was revealed by Moyo at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against Mpofu.

a�?I only knew Mhlupheki Mpofu as the father of my daughter. We are not married and we dona��t stay together. On 21 January this year he ordered me to undress and then lie while facing down on my stomach before he went on to beat me up with his trousera��s belt.

a�?After beating me up he then ordered me to lie again on my back and had sex with me while accusing me of having poked his wifea��s buttocks when we met in the streets. On 5 April when we met at a fast food outlet in town he demanded a cow or $500 saying he wants to give it to his wife as compensation for having a child out of marriage.

a�?On 12 May he sent a WhatsApp message asking me to buy condoms saying he was coming to my place and I refused.

a�?I told him that whenever he wants to meet me we should do it in the presence of our relatives. He is also in the habit of phoning my relatives while insulting me,a�? lamented Moyo.

Moyo said she was now living in fear of her former lover as he always turned violent whenever they met.

Mpofu who seemed to have feared a humiliation of a trial didna��t come to court leading the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant a default judgment in which he ordered him not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse his ex-lover as well as not to visit her place and communicate with her relatives. birth control overnight. robaxin 500 cheap 2.5 mg tadalafil purple drug store mexico. std treatment online. . .

  • Chokwadi

    This case is telling me that I can easily assault and rape my ex-girl friends and easily escape conviction. Poor people can be raped and not get justice, why didn’t the judge order the abuser to be arrested by the police ?

    When we look at developed countries we only focus on their infrastructure and money, but now I see why they are better than us : they take the law seriously, no matter how high profile the accused person is or how poor the victim is : they never compromise justice.

    All he had to do was not attend court and he gets away with an assault and rape : no attempt to help the lady who doesn’t know rights.

    This is why we are a truly a shhithole country.

    The judge Tinashe Tashaya must fired.