Ex-lover kidnaps married woman

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A woman from Bulawayoa��s Pumula South suburb was forced by her ex-lover at knife point to pack her belongings and go with him.

Caroline Moyo had no choice, but to comply as she feared for her life and therefore packed her clothes and moved to Thandolwenkosi Gandidhlwanaa��s home.

Gandidhlwana thenA� phoned Moyoa��s husband using her phone to make it appear as if they had reconciled.

However, his plan failed as soon as her husband discovered the truth, resulting in them teaming up against him.

Realising that he was not winning, heA� resorted to threats which forced Moyo to rush to court seeking a peace order against him.

a�?My ex-boyfriend came to my marital home armed with a knife and forced me to pack my belongings.

a�?He later used my phone to call my husband,a�? she said.

She revealed that following the threats, her husband made a police report and they later solved the problem which had been caused by Gandidhlwana.

However, the couple no longer has peace as Gandidhlwana is a regular visitor at their home, threatening to do something horrible before escaping to South Africa.

In response to the allegations, Gandidhlwana made funny remarks.

a�?I went to their marital home because I wanted to know if their relationship started when we were still together. I am done with her and I wonder why she made the report,a�? he said.

Moyo told the court that she wanted to save her marriage and her husband told her to seek a protection order against her ex-boyfriend as they no longer feel safe following the threats.

Presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of the applicant.