Everything belongs to the clan, says communist polygamist

Sukoluhle Ndlovu
In Communism, when one has a dairy cow, the State takes it and everyone gets milk. That is how a Gweru polygamist treats his family where a�?no one owns anything, everything belongs to the clana�?.

Edward Hungwe (pictured), a cobbler by profession from Mkoba 5, is arguably Gwerua��s foremost polygamist with three wives and 18 children.

Hungwea��s family leadership tactics, in another lifetime could make him a successful chief executive officer.

a�?I have been married to three wives for the past 24 years and I have a total of 18 children. We have been a happy family living under one roof for all these years,a�? said the ever smiling Hungwe.

He does not remember any single day when his wives were at each othera��s throats.

a�?We share the same kitchen, the same lounge and every property in the house is jointly owned by the family. We are living in harmony and my wives respect each other. I dona��t remember any single day when they quarrelled. The children have also learnt from their mothers, they live in harmony. Some are grown ups and are now leading their own families,a�? he said.

Hungwe was once employed by Belmont Shoe Company in Bulawayo where he resigned in 1991 to start his own shoe making company.

Since he was a man with a big family which was still growing, the salary was not enough so the bigger picture was to start his own enterprise.

Using the experience he got from the shoe making industry, he started to train his wives how to make shoes.
Since then, they have been manufacturingA� shoes to feed the family.

a�?Since I taught my wives to make shoes in 1991, we have managed to get ourselves customers hence it has become easier to take care of the family needs. My wives and children have become experts in making shoes,a�? heA� said.

Hungwe and his mini clan live in an eight roomed house in Mkoba 5 where each wife has her own bedroom.

The polygamist married his first wife Senzeni in 1975 and Sarah his second in 1980.

The third wife Nothando arrived in 1990. Since then the happily married wives have managed to live peacefully with each other and their children, and for them life is still going on.

Now a proud father of 18,A� Hungwe said he had not experienced any major challenges in bringing up all his children some of whom he said were now working outside the country. Of the 18, eight are boys and 10 are girls. cialis kaufen paypal.