WOMEN’S FORUM: Even when the robot is red . . .

log time sex tablet name. Siphilisiwe Mloyi – AS women globally celebrate Menstrual Hygiene day I saw it fit to dwell on the issue this week because quite a number of ladies out there have found themselves in difficult situations because of matters associated with menstruation. Two weeks back a man in court revealed that he could not play the sausage game with his wife because she had bad odour.

I couldna��t believe my eyes when I saw the article in the newspaper. Well ladies this is what happens when you do not take the hygiene seriously.

You might be a best cook with a PHD in catering, knowing how to do the other job till he reaches the big O but if there are odours they just put him off. The mood actually shifts. No matter how romantic you are, with bed full of roses and dimmed lights, when the engine is switched off no matter how you try, nothing will change.

Perhaps I am speaking in riddles sisters. What I mean is that during your monthly cycle you know what happens. That process releases a lot of unpleasant smells. Even you yourself cana��t bear with the smell so there is a need to eliminate the odour.

Some ladies have tended to think that they have bad luck because of rejection. It failed with husband one, two and three. She could cook and do everything for him but still failed. She consulted prophets but it worsened. There wasna��t any witch, the chief witch was your hygiene practices.

There is only one secret you can do ladies. Bathing solves everything. Faka��isepa��uzobona.You ought to shave all that pubic hair even on your armpits. It is not for decoration but just a symbol of growth. Ita��s not grass that men graze on but just multiply bacteria and add odour. That pubic hair which some keep, hold blood and vaginal fluids hence you will have odour no matter how you bath.

When you are unshaven you also sweat easily no wonder why you at times experience that fishy smell.

A lady naturally has to have that sweet scent which makes her a lady. If you have money buy bath gel or bubble bath that will give you the scent you deserve. If you cana��t afford bath gel and hair remover, dona��t give yourself a headache.

A razor blade only costs R2 and some soap costs 75cents. If you are a lady and using washing bar soap for bathing, you have a serious problem.

Out there, there are hot ladies who know how to use water a�� if you dona��t use water then your man will spot ladies who bath.

That sweet perfume drives men crazy. Some men are just turned on by that sweet scent; obvious odour will make him lose appetite. If you smell sweet he will go to the far extreme. He wona��t even hesitate to suck you down there.

Make sure you change pads and lingeries. I know some of my sisters economise and they use reusable pads. I am not trying to decampaign whoever manufactures those pads. BUT my worry is that things which come out during your monthly period stink. I doubt if the odour would go away. Unless if you are brave.

Talking of bravery, there are some men who enjoy sex with women during their menstrual cycle. Yet there are also certain religions and beliefs that females during menstruation are a�?uncleana��a��. However, there are many benefits to having sex during menstruation and many crafty ways to avoid the mess!

When practiced safely, sexual intercourse during menstruation is a safe, natural act and causes no harm to either partner. It is common sisters to feel more desirous for sex during the first few days of menstruation due to changes in hormones, which can make the experience more rewarding for both partners. According to research, many women who engage in sex during menstruation report that their menstruation seems to end sooner than if they had not had sexual intercourse. This is plausible, as the muscle spasms of orgasm may allow menstrual flow to come out quicker than usual.

Furthermore, the hormones that your body releases during sex (such as oxytocin) help relieve the menstrual cramps, depression, and irritability associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). A female can get pregnant at any time during her menstrual cycle, even on her period! Although it is less likely to occur than at other times, it is still possible. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, it is important to continue using at least one form of birth control.

It is also extremely important to use at least one form of STI prevention at all times, such as the male condom.

However, having sex during menstruation can jeopardise your health. During menstruation, the cervix expands more than usual to allow blood flow. This creates a pathway for bacteria and viruses to travel into the femalea��s uterus and pelvic regions. Also, the vagina has a lower acidity at this time, which puts the female at a greater risk of a yeast or bacterial infection. Bottom line a�� always protect yourself during sexual intercourse!

After all, it depends with you and your partners if you think ita��s disgusting leave it. But if he cana��t resist whata��s between your legs give it to him.