Anastancia Ndlovu and a neighbour stand inside the hut that was gutted by Ncube.

Estranged wife sets hut on fire . . . as hubby, new lover sleep

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is what one Fiona Ncube exhibited when she torched a bedroom hut where her ex husband was sleeping with his new wife.

Just when Mduduzi Mpala and his new wife Anastancia Ndlovu had dosed off, a calculative Ncube had the lovers where she wanted them.

Ncube entered her former homestead shouting at the top of her voice demanding that the lovebirds vacate the home she built with her sweat.

However, the couple did not take the message seriously.

a�?They were given a warning to come out of the hut or face the music. They didna��t take her seriously that is why she touched the bedroom hut. We dona��t know if she wanted to kill them or make them flee the room,a�? said a villager at Maryland Resettlement Farm, Insuza in Matabeleland North province.

Mpala is battling for his life in hospital with serious burns while Ndlovu came out with minor burns.

B- Metro caught up with Ndlovu, who still in shock, narrated their ordeal.

a�?Anastancia came in the evening demanding that we should move out of the homestead because she built it. I was scared so I tried waking up my husband who was heavily drunk without luck.a�?

With her husband heavily intoxicated and deep in sleep, Ndlovu had to face the unexpected nightmare alone.

a�?While I was still trying to grasp what was happening, she set the hut we were in ablaze. The smoke started choking us but still, my husband was fast asleep. I tried to pull him out heavy as he was. I saw that the fire was raging and escaped through a window. I left him inside,a�? she said.

That is when she went to look for help.

a�?A neighbour came to pull him out. Sadly he was already burnt. When he was taken to hospital he was no longer talking,a�? she added.

The matter has since been reported to the police and the assailant is at large.

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