Estranged hubby poops at in-laws yard

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In-laws of a Bulawayo man, Richard Tshuma (34) are confused as to why he decided to relieve himself right inside their yard.

In typical movie-style, Tshuma took advantage of the Thursday load shedding last week at Emakhandeni and scaled a pre-cast wall to gain access to the yard. When he got inside, he decided to do what he had came for, to leave a stinking dump.

Tshuma was on separation with his wife Ayanda Nyathi.

He was caught by chance. His wifea��s younger brother a�� a minor a�� was sent to go and get a blanket that was forgotten outside in the afternoon. The minor then stumbled on his brother-in-law doing his business.

Sensing that he had company, Tshuma fled the same way he got into the yard but he had been spotted.

With blessings from the family, the youngster narrated the scenario to B-Metro.

a�?I saw my sistera��s husband outside pooping when I was on my way to remove my blanket from the line. He immediately took to his heels and jumped over the durawall. I was shocked by this and I alerted my family who then took a light to where he was and to our shock there was a pile of poop,a�? he said.

The matter was reported to the police.

The family said they do not know Tshumaa��s intentions, but they suspect that he was on a witchcraft expedition.
a�?I think my son-in-law wants to bewitch my daughter as pooping is a black spell considering our African science,a�? said Nyathi a�� the mana��s father-in-law.

Ayanda, the estranged wife is also searching for answers.

a�?I just do not understand why he did that. I was hoping the police were going to help but nothing has since happened,a�? she said.