Estranged hubby a�?pleasesa�� wife with HIV infection

A Bulawayo woman will forever live to rue the day she received back her estranged husband and agreed to have unprotected sex as a way of pleasing him and rekindling their relationship when she was allegedly infected with HIV.
The woman, from Morningside suburb (name withheld for legal reasons) claimed that when she agreed to have unprotected sex she was trying to please her husband who had also deceived her saying it was the best way of cementing their relationship which had hit turbulent waters.

She said her husband, a gardener, abandoned her to stay with another woman soon after giving birth to their second child and came back after a couple of months demanding to have unprotected sex.

The woman bared her soul at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against her husband claiming he was unrepentant as he was reportedly in the habit of sexually and physically abusing her despite the fact that she forgave him after he allegedly infected her with HIV.

a�?I am customarily married to the respondent and we have three children. He has gone violent and had physically abused me on several occasions. When I gave birth to our second child he moved out of the house to stay with another woman and when he came back I welcomed him as the father of my children.

a�?He smooth-talked me into having unprotected sex saying it was the best way of cementing our relationship and as a way of pleasing him I agreed not knowing that he would infect me with the virus. He does not want to use protection.

The time he infected I also got pregnant and sadly the child died after she was born with some deformities,a�? she said.
Her claims did not go down well with her husband who said she was lying that he infected her with the virus before he requested an order from the magistrate to go for a a�?publica�? HIV testing to prove his innocence.

a�?She is lying before this court when the applicant fell pregnant she did not tell me until I discovered it when the pregnancy was seven months. She did it again on our second child when I discovered that she was pregnant after five months.

a�?When I moved out of the house I was trying to fix her for hiding her pregnancies to me.A� I did not infect her with HIV as she is claiming. I am even prepared to go for a public HIV testing to prove my innocence. The problem with my wife is that she is very lazy and I am the one who is taking care of the kidsa�? he said.

Presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina however, ordered the couple to maintain peace between each other before she referred them for counselling.

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